a 3,500 mile, unsupported walk from Lands End to John O’ Groats passing through the highest point in each of the 84 historic counties of Britain.
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2013/12 Reports


2013: Wed, 26-Jun - Stromness

Yesterday nipped over to Orkney on the ferry from Scrabster and today I climbed Ward Hill on Hoy, the high point on Orkney.
Just leaves Ronas Hill on Shetland to climb. I will spend a week on Shetland in September to complete the appendix to the journey.

2013: Mon, 24-Jun - John o'Groats

The last day! More easy A9 road walking to John o'Groats, then a 2km dash up a quiet lane to the lighthouse at Dunscansby Head, where I collapsed on the ground at 15:52 the journey done! Well nearly, still had to walk back to John o'Groats where I found a bed in the Seaview Hotel for my celebration pint.

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2013: Sun, 23-Jun - Wick

Last night found 1 hotel in Lybster closed and the other full so hopped on a bus to Wick where I found a bed for 2 nights. Another day of A9 walking, this time without the rucksack. A wet morning but I'd dried out by the time I got back to the hotel.

2013: Sat, 22-Jun - Lybster

Option of walking cross county through remote inland Caithness or head back to the narrow, green, and inhabited coastal strip. As heavy rain forecast today, decided on the later and retraced my steps to Dunbeath and more road walking on the A9, dodging the cars and showers. Turned out much drier than the 5.30am forecast.

2013: Fri, 21-Jun - Corrichoich

Conquered the last top today after pitching camp at the base of Morven. It was a steep 400m climb over heather, grass and scree to reach the summit but at least I didn't have to carry my 16kg rucksack up as well. All that remains now is to get to Dunscanby Head.

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2013: Thu, 20-Jun - Dunbeath

Returned north by bus yesterday. The only way to get to the foot of Morven is to follow the A9 north to Dunbeath. So a day of road walking; at least the A9 is not as busy in these parts as it is south of Inverness.

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2013: Tue, 11-Jun - Dollar

With the weather about to break, decided last night, to pause, get the bus pass out and return to Dollar to regroup, let the foot mend and research the best route to get to Braemore and the documented route to Morven.

2013: Mon, 10-Jun - Helmsdale

I was always unsure of the next step; I had planned to hack 12 miles across country to reach Morven, the high point of Caithness, but I wasn't able to find any reports of anyone climbing it from the west. Once I'd seen the ground conditions, I didn't feel comfortable tackling it alone, with a heavy rucksack and sore feet (a blister on my left foot) so I opted for plan B, which was a road walk down beautiful the Strath of Kildonan to Helmsdale.

2013: Sun, 09-Jun - Kinbrace

Last 2 days spent crossing the Ben Armine Forest. It was hard going on unused stalkers paths, to Badanloch Lodge. Then road walking to Kinbrace. Thanks to Brian and Yvonne for allowing me to sleep in their caravan. Weather still bright and sunny and waterproofs still at the bottom of the rucksack.

2013: Fri, 07-Jun - Lairg

I was absolutely shattered last night and needed a break. After a day relaxing in the sun now ready to head north east and into Caithness tomorrow.